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Sit EZ Wedged Seat Cushion

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Product Overview

Wedged Seat Cushions for Back Pain Relief and Spinal stability

Picture of a lady sitting in office chair without Sit EZ, next to the same girl sitting in the chair with the Sit EZ.

   "I’ve looked for products that support my patients better and there are none.” 

Dexter Nardella, DC


   Use the Sit EZ orthopedic wedge seat cushion on your car seat, desk chair, or favorite chair. You will feel energized as your body uses less energy to sit. By using this posture seat wedge your neck and shoulders release stress and your back will feel relaxed again.

Don't be fooled by cheap foam seats or over-hyped memory foam.

   As a car seat support wedge, the Sit EZ can’t be equaled. Your body collapses forward when you sit with your hips below your knees. It takes energy for your body to resist this forward lean and to sit up. This is also the cause of pain and tension in your back and neck when sitting. Our car seat support wedge supports your hips at just the right angle to align your upper body and neck with no muscle effort, just mechanics. What's more... you'll see the end of stress and fatigue that you get from sitting too long.

   These wedged orthopedic seat cushions for chairs and cars are made of a dense foam-like material which comfortably changes your sitting angle and gives firm support. You instantly sit up just right. Your muscles stay loose and you don’t get tired or worn out. 

   Made from a dense and durable foam so that it doesn't compress much when you sit on it. The corners are angled back and the side edges are beveled to create a snug fit in your car seat (not a feature on the "Mini").

*Note: The Sit EZ support seat is 2.5" high in the back on the High model and 2" high on the Low model. This extra height may be an issue in cars with limited head room or with tall people. Do not use in your car if sitting higher impairs your visibility.


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Ash on 15th Jan 2024

    My back feels much better after using the seat wedge. No more slumping over in my chairs!

  • 4
    Ok but could be better

    Posted by Shena-Rae Schramm on 18th Apr 2022

    This is fine for a wedge, but it is HARD. It really could benefit from a cover to help with that.

  • 5
    Excellent for back

    Posted by William on 14th Dec 2020

    My family has over six of these wedges. We use them in our dining chairs and in our cars. The simply work. They help our backs stay in a good position while sitting.