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Postural Ergonomic Design for Standing, Sitting, and Sleeping

Postural ergonomic design is about removing common abnormal stresses on your body. Certain items you use all the time like shoes, pillows, chairs have a huge impact on how much abnormal stress you have to deal with constantly.  If you pay attention to the correct products to use while standing, sitting, and sleeping then you will keep your posture in the least stressful position it can be in during most of the day.

As a chiropractor, patients would often comment on not feeling bad before a treatment but feeling much better afterward. They didn’t realizing how bad they were until the stress was removed from their body.  It’s much the same with improving your daily posture through ergonomic design. People often don’t realize how much those different products they use all the time can affect their posture and pain levels, until the stressor is removed.

A great deal can be learned by looking at standing ergonomics, sitting ergonomics, and the ergonomics of lying down. If your POSTURE is compromised in any of these positions then you have a higher chance of being injured as well as aggravating back and neck pain.

Taking ergonomic design principles a step further, the best way to minimize abnormal stresses and tensions on the body is to simply change some of the mundane things that cause abnormal yet, every day stresses. These are usually things you don’t realize are having any effect on how you feel because you often don’t feel bad when you do them but, you do later

Simply put… YOU CAN SEVERELY HANDICAP YOUR BODY OR, GREATLY ENHANCE YOUR BODY’S PERFORMANCE depending on how you choose to deal with the following:

  1. the chairs you sit in
  2. how your pillow and mattress work together as a system
  3. the shoes you wear and what they have inside them

Postural ergonomic design principles are used in our Pure Posture Chair and Sit EZ Orthopedic Support Seat Cushion, Sleep System Mattress and Adjustable Pillow, and all of our Stand EZ Shoe Repair Products.