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Orthopedic Office Chairs For Bad Backs

A new concept in orthopedic desk chair design

Does our orthopedic office chair look a bit odd? In this posture support design you don't need arm rests or a seat back. They can actually disturb your posture.  Good ergonomic computer chairs have many design elements in common with good ergonomic stools.

Why Does our Orthopedic Back Chair Work so Well? It's in the Design

  • Seat Height - The seat needs to be high enough so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees. Your elbows should be at about the keyboard height.
  • Seat Tilt - This is the angle that the seat sits compared to horizontal. There should be a slight forward tilt, being higher at the back of the seat and going down toward the front of the seat.
  • Seat ShapeThe seat pan (the hard plastic or wood underneath the foam cushion) on nearly all computer chairs as molded into some kind of wave-like support which disturbs balance. It needs to be flat.
  • Seat MaterialThe density of the foam that you sit on needs to be firm. I know that this may sound uncomfortable to some of you but when the angle and seat height are right then you'll feel like you're sitting on a cloud.
  • Seat Back A seat back isn't necessary when your body is in a comfortable, upright computer posture. It becomes necessary when the distortions mentioned above cause a weakened, fatigued body to slump.
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