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Shoe Inserts

Shoe Inserts

Thin Shoe Inserts For Posture To Ease Lower Back And Foot Pain

These thin shoe inserts for posture are custom fitted by you to take pressure off lower back and foot pain. In this way you ensure that you are more stable and comfortable each step of the way in supporting your posture.

Fixing your shoes with the right inserts for posture will also ease lower back and foot pain.

You can tell if you need shoe inserts for posture by observing your body with your shoes on and then with them off. What are the differences? Do you feel taller with them off? Do you breathe easier and more fully? Do you feel more stable?

Most shoes can be altered with the use of our orthopedic shoe inserts to improve your upright posture, breathing, and overall sense of well being.

Custom foot orthotics; orthopedic shoe inserts you customize

  • Flat and thin shoe insoles to replace ones with "arch supports"
  • Adjustable heel inserts for shoes properly shift your hips and bring your upper body more upright
  • Heel chips to correct the angle of your heel bones in your shoes
  • Orthotic dots to stabilize your body from swaying

For a more complete understanding of shoe inserts for back pain and posture read the eBook "Owner's Manual For The Body".

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