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Sleep System Mattress For Side Sleepers

Designed by Chiropractors, these are good mattresses for back pain

Our sleep system mattress, with our patients in mind needing a good mattress for back pain, gives the right amount of support for your body. The support means nothing however if it's not comfortable as well. So we designed the best firm mattress and made it comfortable as well.

Sleeping correctly on your side with the right mattress is vital to allowing your body to repair itself. We created these mattresses because there weren't others on the market that would do what we wanted them to for our patients. These mattresses form the foundation of our sleep system because they work along with our adjustable pillow to put your whole body in the right position to sleep.

These same sleeping principles work for anyone, even those not having back or neck problems, to position their body for healing and a great night’s sleep. 

Our sleep system mattresses are made of the finest materials and to our exact specifications. Our Luxuriously Firm mattress is a hybrid mattress made from two different densities of foam plus 2" of natural Talalay Latex, the best sleeping surface in the world. Our Simply Firm mattress is made from a combination of different densities of foam to create the desired firmness for a lumbar support mattress yet still maintain comfort.

Our chiropractic beds for side sleepers are incredibly well priced. By purchasing through our website we save the expenses of a commissioned salesman and a retail store. We have passed this savings on to you. Now you can invest in quality at a much lower price than you ever imagined possible.

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