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About Us

Jerry Porter D.C. and EZ Posture Products

Products That Help Your Body to Shape Up! 

At EZ Posture Products we design products to improve everyday items that we all use.  There are certain inherent problems with most chairs, shoes, pillows and mattresses which make them bad for posture and lead to back and neck pain.  

My name is Jerry Porter and I've been a chiropractor in private practice for over 40 years. I've taught seminars in biomechanics of standing, sitting, and sleeping to professionals from around the world and to patients alike.

With the advancements made in correcting old injuries using ABC(tm) with our patients it soon became clear that the positive changes made would NOT be long lasting without the use of good support products for you shoes, for sitting and for properly sleeping.


Adequate products to strengthen and stabilize posture and structure were not available to us unless we made them ourselves.  We started EZ Posture Products to fill this void - to support the phenomenal changes that we, and other practitioners, were getting with the advancements in structural correction. 


It's my sincere hope and desire that as you view the pages of our store and learn more about how your body works, you'll find that our products will benefit your posture and help relieve your back and neck pain.


Jerry Porter, D.C.


EZ Posture Products