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Seat Supports

Seat Supports

Use Our Seat Cushion For Back Pain

Your mother wasn't wrong; you need to sit up straight! But it should be very, very comfortable.

Our seat cushion for back pain is versatile, portable, and ergonomic, and like all of our back support products, very comfortable.

Experts agree that you need to sit on something that tilts your pelvis forward slightly. In order to do that your hips need to be a bit higher than your knees. Our seat supports are crafted of the best materials to give you the support you need to keep your back and neck at ease.

We realize that people should sit this way all the time and that this creates certain problems because we move around and sit in different places. We have designed a system that’s both portable and versatile, with the use of a shim, to use in various sitting situations throughout the day.

Use as a car wedge seat cushion - Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need a lumbar support behind your back. The best thing you can do is to simply sit on a wedge seat cushion that’s firm enough to fill the bucket shape of your car seat.

Use as a seat support for an office chair - If you spend a significant part of your day sitting at a desk then you know important it is sit comfortably. With all things they’ve done to office chair seat designs they still haven’t gotten the most fundamental thing right yet. Your hips still need to be above your knees so that the rest of your body stays upright. Get this right and your days get thousands of times more comfortable. 

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