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Owner's Manual For The Body - Ebook

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How To Help Your Posture

And Fix Back Pain

You can purchase this E-book in Kindle Format at Amazon. Also available in Kindle Unlimited.

Imagine a pain-free life ...

Pain. It affects your happiness, your quality of life. At it's most extreme, it brings misery and suffering, prompting one to take more and more medicine to deal with it. Or worse.

This book explains what happens to the human body when it's injured, how injuries bring about pain, and how bodies can often be fixed by a process known as Structural Correction.

Further, this book describes things you need to do on your own to support your structure, and maintain your body's pain-free health once you've completed the process. Various pain relief products and devices are suggested and the mechanical reasons they work are explained.

Unlike most forms of medical treatment, there is an end point to this process. And it works for most people.

Structural Correction stabilizes your body into a strengthened natural position which often eliminates the causes of neck pain, back pain, extremity pain, sprains, sciatica, carpal-tunnel, and many others symptoms. By removing old injuries lingering in your body it brings about a quality of life you may not have felt since you were young.




(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Jane Shaddy on 27th Nov 2010

    I had accepted that I would have to live in chronic pain for the rest of my life – it was an enormous surprise to learn that it might be possible to reduce or eliminate the pain. It was a relief to find someone who recognizes the connection between my feet and my back. The manual explains clearly why it is that I might experience pain in an area seemingly unrelated to where I suffered my original injuries. The benefits I have already experienced – my frequent headaches have already disappeared. I have had periods when my pain level has reduced substantially and I move much more freely. The information in the manual is invaluable and I would certainly recommend it to others experiencing pain and problems that are structurally based.

  • 5

    Posted by Susan Hull, D.C., Idaho on 26th Nov 2010

    Differentiating “self-correction” and “seek help in correcting” situations is good. I like the whole idea that the patient is majorly responsible for the outcome, and not just the doctor. The information for standing, sitting, and sleeping is very beneficial and thoughtfully put. I appreciated the “What to Avoid” section – short and sweet – and surprising!

  • 5
    I am feeling great!

    Posted by Edna Vranich - Spokane, WA on 25th Nov 2010

    I was amazed to find out the importance of correct shoe insoles and how this affects posture. Also, how most chairs do not help our structural health. But, following the suggestions in the book, and chiropractic sessions helped me to recover from several problems I was experiencing like leg pain, back pain, shortness of breath. I am feeling great!