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Adjustable Pillow for Sleeping on Your Side

Pillows for sleeping on your side are the best. Side sleeping is the best sleeping position because your whole body can be positioned for restful sleep. This is the only truly neutral sleeping position.

Ours is the best pillow for posture because your head can be raised up and tilted to just the right height (while lying on your side). The tension comes off of your spinal muscles and your body relaxes instantly. By adding or removing the foam spacers in our pillow you can raise or lower your head height until it’s just right for you.

Restful Side Sleeping

Of all of the head and neck support pillows available for side sleeping, ours allows you to correctly adjust (instructions are included) using just the right amount of height from the spacers. Your body seems to "disappear" when you get it just right. You will rest comfortably without tossing and turning all night, and wake up refreshed.

Exceptional Quality of Materials

We use an exceptional quality of foam in our pillow which is hypo-allergenic and endorsed by OSHA to be "virtually toxin free".

Contents of the Sleep EZ Adjustable Pillow:

The main head support section is slightly contoured from a single piece of great quality, soft foam (may vary slightly from the picture above)

  • Spacers of thickness’ from 1½” down to 1/8”
  • A pillow protector allows you to use your own pillow case 
  • Complete instructions for proper adjustment

* The Sleep EZ Adjustable Pillow is not recommended for use on a soft mattress

** The Pillow may differ slightly from the Image


(21 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    One of the first.

    Posted by Jerry Abel on 4th May 2011

    I have worn out 3 pillows now (over the last 10 years) and ready to get another. I can only say go to the office and let Doc show you how you will automatically close your eyes, then you will see how your feet kick out when your pillow is at he right height. Your body just does it. When your pillow is at the right height for you, it just wants to sleep. Great stuff. Jerry...Spokane WA

  • 5
    It Works!!!

    Posted by Kim Bullock on 26th Nov 2010

    I have been using this pillow for a few months now and love it, once you try it you won't look back. Make sure you have a firm supportive bed as well, check out the ones available from Dr Porter as they are wonderful. Everything about the ABC procedure and the products available is very well worth it.

  • 5
    Best pillow I've ever used!

    Posted by Verne Rugebregt - Sunnyvale, CA on 13th Nov 2010

    This is simply the best pillow I've ever slept on. The many inserts provided with this pillow enabled me to get the perfect fit!