Fine Tune Car Seat Pads With A Sit EZ Shim


Most sitting surfaces are not designed as a seat for back pain or even with your comfort in mind. All car seats and many chairs will leave your body slumped over to compensate for being lower in back. Some seats you will sink down into more than others. In these cases you should use car seat pads or other cushions to sit on and it would be helpful if the car seat pad brought you up to just the right height for you.

This is especially important in the back of the seat where your hips may end up quite a bit lower than your hips. This is why our sit cushions are wedged in shape.

There is a simple fix… a shim.

Shim inside Sit EZ on the right.

That’s right. It is so simple. This Sit EZ Shim can be placed across the front (underneath) the sit cushion if the wedge is too steep in the seat you need it for. The shim can be placed across the back (underneath) if the car seat or chair is too low and the sit cushion is not enough to raise it up by itself.

Simply unzip your Sit EZ Sit Cushion in back and place the shim inside and then you never have to worry about leaving it someplace.

Your doctor may even recommend that you use the shim on the right (pictured above) or left side to support your body better while sitting.

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