Use Posture Insoles For Better Posture And To Ease Back Pain

Posture Insoles along with our other shoe products modify the insides of your shoes. In order to get better posture and ease back pain your shoes need to create stability.

Our Stand EZ shoe inserts are specifically designed to lessen lower back and neck pressure by fixing what shoes do to your feet. Using these products allows you to model your posture from the ground up.

What would happen if you shoed a horse with a higher support under one side of the foot (like arch supports in shoes)?  Can you imagine watching that horse walk away from you and how funny it would look walking? Arch supports in your shoes do exactly the same thing. There is a direct correlation between foot problems and back pain.

You can modify your shoes for posture so that your feet are not forced into stressed positions. Other orthotic devices, such as arch supports or a negative heel (this means your heel is lower than your toes), cause distortions in your feet. Removing these obstacles fixes your shoes for posture and enables your whole body to be more upright. This results in less lower back pressure and less pain in your neck and mid back.

To get better posture, remove any arch supports and be sure to have enough height in your heels. If your insoles are foam then remove them and use our flat insoles. I know these ideas run counter to what you have been taught - that you need arch support, soft cushioning, and low heels - but the information out there is wrong.

By fixing your shoes for posture you will instantly feel straighter, taller, and have more energy by the end of the day.

Each of the accessories below is the best shoe insert of its kind and serves a function in improving feet and whole body posture:

  • Our Flat Insoles are used to replace insoles which have arch supports built into them.
  • Our Adjustable Heel Lifts give 3 levels of support so that you can find just the right amount of heel height for each pair of shoes.
  • Our Heel Chips tip your heel bones backwards to counter the way they are pulled forward by the back of your shoes. Heel chips are also used to add a bit of heel height to sandals and open back shoes.
  • Our Orthotic Dots stabilize your body from swaying side to side but they should not be used without the advice of your back care professional.

*All of these insert products can be trimmed to fit and are designed to work together in your shoes. They are intended to be used equally in both shoes and so are sold in pairs (with the exception of the Orthotic Dots). To get a more in-depth explanation of things that are wrong with many shoes, and what you can do to improve them, get the “Owner’s Manual for the Body”.

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