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Sit EZ Orthopedic Support Seat

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Product Overview

Orthopedic Wedge Seat Cushions for Back Pain Relief

Dexter Nardella, DC   "I’ve looked for products that support my patients better and there are none."


Picture of a lady sitting in office chair without Sit EZ, next to the same girl sitting in the chair with the Sit EZ.

Use the Sit EZ orthopedic wedge seat cushion on your car seat, desk chair, or favorite chair. You will feel energized as your body uses less energy to sit.

By using this posture seat wedge your neck and shoulders release stress and your back will feel relaxed again.

Don't be fooled by cheap foam seats or over-hyped memory foam.

As a car seat support wedge, the Sit EZ can’t be equaled. Your body collapses forward when you sit with your hips below your knees. It takes energy for your body to resist this forward lean and to sit up. This is also the cause of pain and tension in your back and neck when sitting. Our car seat support wedge supports your hips at just the right angle to align your upper body and neck with no muscle effort, just mechanics.

These wedged orthopedic seat cushions for chairs and cars are made of a dense foam-like material which comfortably changes your sitting angles and gives firm support. You instantly sit up just right. Your muscles stay loose and you don’t get tired or worn out.

In your car or favorite chair our posture seat wedge raises and tips your pelvis just right. Your muscles become loose and relaxed. What's more... you'll see the end of stress and fatigue that you get from sitting too long.

Qualities of the Sit EZ

  1. Tough, non-slip, washable outer cover
  2. Handle for easy carrying
  3. Made from durable EVA so that it doesn't compress much when you sit on it. This makes it last longer.
  4. Angled back corners and beveled edges create a snug fit in your car seat

Note: The Sit EZ support seat is firm and 2.5" high in the back. This extra height may be an issue in cars with limited head room or with tall people. Do not use in your car if sitting higher impairs your visibility.


(17 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Some of the best money I ever spent

    Posted by Wesley on 20th Apr 2021

    I've been working from home a lot drinking a lot of tension in my lower back and my hips. This immediately solve that problem for me and I can take it with me when I work in the office.

  • 4
    EZ Posture

    Posted by Burke on 19th Nov 2020

    I have used the lower version of these for years and went to order another and there was only one height so I ordered two. Luckily they are the high wedge which I preferred. The only comment I have is to make the fabric on top even tougher as I have worm out two in the car or truck seat. Thanks. My back is very happy with them.

  • 5
    Perfect for Automobile Bucket Seats

    Posted by Dylan on 22nd Mar 2018

    The Sit EZ small wedge is perfect for automobile bucket seats. It greatly improved the comfort and driving experience.

  • 3
    rediculous shipping charge

    Posted by Mark L on 12th Mar 2018

    The seat cushion works well and many times better than using folded towels or the like. But I was so irritated about being charged about $43 for shipping to Alaska for a $50 item. I had to have it sent to a daughters address in Washington for $4.50 or so. Then she just put a change of address on it for no additional cost. EZ Posture Products: Sorry Mark. The website chose UPS shipping for you on this instead of our standard USPS.

  • 4
    Great Support

    Posted by Kiki on 18th Jan 2018

    My back doesn’t hurt in my jeep anymore. My baby is my Wrangler but seats not so comfy. This cushion worked great. I don’t like it all way against seat back because I feel like I’m slipping forward but if I put it forward a little it’s good. Unbelievable support from a small cushion. I would make it bigger though. A larger pad would be awesome. Works.

  • 5
    Must have seat cushion.

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2017

    I love this seat cushion. I have several because I want to have the cushion with me at all times; one that stays in my car, one for business meetings, and one for miscellaneous.

  • 5
    Great for cars!

    Posted by Brian WIlliam - Sitting in Seattle on 23rd Feb 2013

    I have separate ones for my car and for my chairs in the house. These wedges make sitting so much less painful, and they're super portable. Just try not to lose them at the airport!

  • 5
    I really like this product!

    Posted by Matthew Atwell on 10th Feb 2013

    Nothing else on the market really comes close. Such a simple design really makes the difference. Other wedges I've experienced are bulky and soft to the point that they act like just another cushion, but provide no substantial support. The Sit EZ support Seat lives up to its name. It does not sacrifice support for comfort, but ends up being very comfortable, because of the position in which it allows your body to relax. I highly recommend this product!

  • 5
    Sitting is an option again.

    Posted by Vivian L Cirillo on 13th Jul 2012

    I no longer shift around in my car seat trying to get comfortable. Driving is now pain-free.